Getting you better grades,
that’s what we’re here for.

Grade Geeks™ is a company that has been helping students
better their academic career for over 5 years. The services that we
provide include tutoring, custom lesson crafting, problem solving,
and education. Our staff consists of highly trained
professionals who have acquired doctorate degrees from some
of the best academic facilities in the world. Each member of our
team is a native English speaker and a trained expert in their
respective field. We are confident that once you choose us,
you will never find a better service.

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Why choose us?

Here at Grade Geeks™, we make it our goal to provide all students with the help they need to achieve academic success. Simply put, we are the best in the business. Other companies often hire foreign tutors with little academic knowledge to handle your sessions. Unlike the rest, we hand pick each and every tutor through a strict employment process that tests various skills to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality service that they deserve.


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More about us

Who we are

Our team consists of over 100 trained professional  tutors who are masters at their field. Each and every member of our staff has been specifically tested to ensure that our clients receive proper care.

What we do

We are capable of carrying out a multitude of services ranging from tutoring, to problem solving, and trade skills education. Whether you need help collecting your thoughts for a school assignment, or some extra help with studying for a certain course, we are here to help!

Why we do it

We believe that each student deserves a chance at academic success. We completely understand that sometimes it’s hard to complete assignments on time while taking care of other life duties. For this reason, we have made it easy for everyone to receive the help they need through our services.

Where we do it

All of our trained professional tutors are native English speakers who currently reside all around the world. Whether you are from the US, UK, or anywhere else, we are ready and capable of handling any challenge that you present us with.


Academic Planning: 100%

Tutoring : 100%

Problem Solving: 100%

Class Escort: 100%



What our clients say about us

  • "With school and work I barely have time for anything. Thanks to Grade Geeks I can save time and money by using their services. Not only is it fast, but the quality of the tutoring is perfect!" 


    Derick T.
  • "Been a VIP member for three months now and wanted to give some feedback. The customer support is simply unmatched. They were fast to deliver answers to all of my questions and had the patience to make sure I was completely satisfied with the final product of my tutoring. Thanks again guys! 


    Beth K.
  • "I'm a foreign student in America and have trouble doing my school work on time. It is nice to have a website to help with all the work for such a good price!"

    Lee L.
  • "Found this site through Google and wasn't sure if it was legit. Had a lot of issues in my class with finals in only a few days so I decided to give it to a try. Ended up getting an A- and passed the class thanks to them, highly recommended!


    Steve O.
  • "My friend referred me to this site. He showed me the high grades he's been getting lately and I couldn't believe it! I've been using these services for all of my classes this semester and I definitely recommend them!


    Chris F.
  • "I've used this service multiple times this year and have always been extremely satisfied with their tutors, fees, and quality. Definitely plan on using them again next year!"


    Amy P.